About Comeback Story

Comeback Story is currently on hiatus. But, we have good news! We’ve launched our new adventure, Songworthy!

Now, you can give encouragement through a custom song in just 7 days!

Chcek us out at Songworthy.org. We’d love to help.

The Mission:
Help others overcome hopeless depression through discovering their God-given identity and worth.

The Problem:
Someone you know is struggling with depression.
With deep feelings of hopelessness and a lack of purpose & worth, most will never reach out for help and never find their purpose.

The Solution:
1) Meet people exactly where they’re at by listening and sharing stories of hope. We do this through the podcast.

2) Equip those struggling (and their loved ones) with the tools necessary to overcome depression. We do this through our course on overcoming depression and blog posts.

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The Story Behind Comeback Story AKA “Why We Exist”

The best way to hear the story is to take 10 minutes to listen to episode 1 of the Comeback Story podcast.