4 things to say to someone with low self esteem

4 Steps of What to Say to Someone with Low Self-Esteem w/ John Williford of Heart Support

Call it confidence. Call it image. Call it self-worth. We all have someone in our life that struggles with low self-esteem. My friend John from the mental health non-profit, Heart Support joined me to teach us how we can communicate better with those around us who are struggling to feel like they've got what it takes. He breaks down a simple framework for identifying why someone is struggling, along with tactical steps and a live role-play of the hope THEY need to hear, in order to find healing.
Stuck vs Waiting

Episode 8: “Stuck” VS. Waiting | A perspective shift to bring hope for the year

A lot of us feel stuck right now. Almost slightly betrayed. Like things are supposed to be normal by now. I don’t know about you, but I’ve spent the better majority of my life like my 6 year old son in the back seat of the car - “are we there yet?” It’s seldom that I actually come to peace with where I’m at in life and trust that God has me exactly where I’m supposed to be. But this morning was one of those moments. So if you’re feeling stuck in winter… stuck in isolation… or for no reason at all, I hope this brings you hope.
Be Here Now Tattoo Tim Skelly

Episode 5: Be Here Now | How to Find Deep Joy & Build Resilience During Life’s Darkest Moments w/ Stage 3+ Cancer Thriver, Tim Skelly

Your character isn’t tested when life is easy, but when everything falls apart. Tim’s life fell apart 5 years ago when his doctor told him he would have 2 months to live without aggressive chemotherapy. But somehow through almost losing everything, Tim, who’s also had his own bouts with depression, was able to come out swinging, with a sense of purpose, presence, and joy that he’d never before experienced. By focusing on what truly matters and cutting out everything else, every one of us can learn to become resilient. Listen in.

Episode 4: Is depression Normal? | A Conversation on The Science Behind The Invisible Disease w/ Dr. Ryan Melton

We all have our own thoughts and opinions about depression & anxiety. But what does the science actually say about where it comes from and how we treat it? Well, today I sit down with a man who has dedicated his life’s work to preventing major mental illnesses. He’s the Assistant Dean of Clinical Mental Health Counseling at OSU and holds his Doctorate in Counseling Psychology. He’s sharp. In this candid and curious convo, I pick his brain on how it all works, and what we can do to save ourselves from it.

Episode 2: Cam Smith of Hotel Books | How 11 Years of Touring Has Taught Me About How to “Fix” Anxiety & Depression

Cam Smith is a spoken-word poet and frontman of the band Hotel Books. He’s also a certified suicide prevention counselor who’s spent 11 years touring, learning from thousands of people, what they actually need when they’re struggling. We talk about growing up in a small town and a Christian home being afraid to show emotion, How to find the right words for someone when you don't know what to say, Cam’s tips and unique perspective on living with anxiety, and his personal comeback story.