Episode 1: The Moment Depression Got The Best of Me | The Origins of Comeback Story w/ Brady Winder

What happens when the person you love the most has hit rock bottom and can’t pull themselves back up? In this intimate conversation around identity and self-worth, one couple unveils what bridged the gap from depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts, to a life of purpose, happiness, and hope. Know someone that’s struggling? Listen in and spread the word.

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2 responses to “Episode 1: The Moment Depression Got The Best of Me | The Origins of Comeback Story w/ Brady Winder

  1. Yes, Brady’s Father. I feel unqualified to comment…but, this is very well done. I cannot comprehend what it’s like to suffer from depression in this way; my bouts have been very temporary and fleeting. But it’s very important to hear both sides in this story. For much of my life, I, like his wife, would’ve tried to “fix” it for him. But God is the only One who can heal him. The remedy when pressed down so hard that you want to quit, is to press even more into your Heavenly Father’s arms. Even as much as I wish I could’ve been there to hold you in my arms. If you live with someone that suffers from this, journey ‘with’ them; hold them up, hold them close…Spiritually and physically.

  2. B,

    I have an incredible amount of gratefulness, yet words don’t come easy . . .

    As your mom it’s hard to hear your journey through this deep, dark valley.

    Incredibly hard.

    But it is testimony to the answered prayers of my heart. Testimony to God’s lovingkindness and constant watchcare over you. And testimony to the discernment and faith of the one who God sent to walk alongside you in this journey. I will be forever grateful to Jesus for holding you tightly and to Sloane for her deep love and her “for better or worse” dedication to your marriage.

    B, the road has been hard, but you fought harder. The nights have been dark, but God’s light knows no darkness. Thank you for consistently looking for that Light in spite of the struggle—for persevering, for actively seeking out help as He lead you, step by step. Thank you for fighting this battle to mental wellness with everything in you.

    I’ve loved you since day one and my heart rejoices with you in this new venture. May the Lord continue to fill you as you equip others with the strategies to be victorious winners in the fight for their own mental wellness.

    Bring on the comeback stories!

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